Transform your Art with the first three Art2Life Principles: Design, Value and Color.

This is an invitation to join me in my upcoming, 3 part, free ART2LIFE WORKSHOP. In each video I will be clearly explaining how you can finally understand and then utilize the Art2Life Principles of Design, Value and Color to transform your art.

  • Use this information to transform your Art from good to great.
  • Understand the powerful connection between Design, Value and Color.
  • Learn a simple way to create amazing Color.
  • We will have an ongoing Q and A so that you can have your questions answered.

Nicholas Wilton working in his Sausalito studio


“He has been my guide on a journey of self discovery and a rekindling of the dormant artist within…In Nicholas’s world, Art and Life are interchangeable-and that is a world I want to live in.”

Chris Chaffin

"Thank you for this video. The Art2life principles are like a road map for getting from no where to accomplishment in any selected art form! I am having fun playing with them in sculpture and installations."

Agnes Bourne

"My intuition was right about Nicholas and the workshop. I learned why elements in my painting worked or didn't work, and why sometimes I struggled maybe more than I needed to. I now have an alternative way of working for those times when my work starts to look bland, or when I'm ready to bury the work in some distant faraway land never to be
seen again. In all seriousness this is a public thank to you Nicholas for your commitment to teach and inspire."

Chris S

"Brilliant, thank you for the clarity, Nicholas. Building the design shape by shape, adjusting size and allowing contrast of loud and quiet coIn the past I have always struggled with what to leave in or edit out. These two lessons are priceless - grateful for your teaching and for empowering more people to express their many different facets with elegance and ease."

Susan Ulene Johnson

"Your classes have been absolutely amazing for me. It feels life changing. It's like I've discovered the core of my art again after being buried for a very long time. Your way of describing the process is true and simple - very cool!!! Thanks again!"

Gordon Studer 

"I'm excited to see more! I'm holding up my latest sketch, evaluating it as you talk, and making mental shifts along the way. I'm getting that "I wonder what would happen if" vibe, which always signals the start of a very creative day"

Amy Whipple Anderson

"Thank you for putting this concept into such a briliantly simple lesson. This is something my mind will hold onto as I paint so much more than some of the long overly complicated lessons I have taken (And I paid for those!). Very generous of you to gift these lessons and your hard earned knowledge to us!"

Linda Eaton Marcille

"Oh my! I wish I had seen this video years ago, it would have saved me so much angst in trying to understand color. Thanks so much!"

Victoria Scudmore